The Renaissance Club, Rare Indeed

In this second consecutive year of The Renaissance Club hosting The Scottish Open and Ladies Scottish Open, Grey Pocket were delighted to be appointed their branding and digital agency.

With the challenges that 2020 has brought us all, it became clear that in the absence of physical spectators for this year’s events, there would be more eyes on their virtual presence and it was therefore vital that The Renaissance Club’s digital offering would reflect the stunning essence of this prestigious venue. 

Produced within an extremely tight time schedule, we are very proud to launch the first version of the new website this week, in time for The Scottish Open.

The site includes updates to the branding, brand new design and functionality as well as photography from their new image library that we are creating.

For the duration of The Open and in this period of developing the new website and digital brand standards, Grey Pocket will manage the all aspects of creative, digital and media for The Renaissance Club.

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